The UWBC is a synergistic blend of research, core service facilities and community outreach activities.  Our core facilities are constantly evolving as new technology unfolds. We perform services for over 700 UW researchers and provide them with access to state-of-the-art technologies and resources. This allows them to concentrate on the unique aspects of their research and helps to make their research more productive. To meet this commitment we need to invest in new instrumentation and train staff in its usage. We invite you to be a part of ensuring that University of Wisconsin biological scientists have access to the latest tools necessary to perform their investigations. Please consider a donation to the UWBC.

As a center we are also committed to our outreach programs. The BioTrek program directed by Dr. Thomas Zinnen engages the public in the outreach mission of the university by providing tours and workshops here at the UW Biotechnology Center as well as all over the State of Wisconsin. It introduces the citizens of Wisconsin to the fascinating sciences of biotechnology. You can help this mission by making a donation to the UWBC Outreach Program.

Expanding Your Horizons (EYH) is an annual conference directed to young women to provide information, role models, and positive hands-on experiences. It expands their awareness of careers in math, science and engineering. It also strives to enhance the participants’ confidence to succeed in these areas of study. You can help make a better future for the young women in this program by donating to the EYH program.

To make a donation with a check or by cash, please mail your donation to the address below and note which program you wish to donate to:

UW Biotechnology Center
Attn: Charles Konsitzke
425 Henry Mall, Room 1132
Madison, WI 53706

Please make your check out to UW Foundation and include the fund number in the memo (see fund information below).

Donations by Credit Card:

UW Biotechnology Center (UWBC) (Fund 112440123)

UWBC MIA Recovery and Identification Project (Gift Note: MIA Project) (Fund 112440013)

UWBC Outreach Program – BioTrek (Fund 112441914)

Expanding Your Horizons (EYH) (Fund 112446629)

UW Neurofibromatosis Research (Fund 112448297)

Donations are tax deductible and greatly appreciated!!!!!