Data Transfer

IMPORTANT: Deliverable data will be deleted from our systems 60 days after it is made available to download.

  • Please use a WIRED connection to transfer large amounts of data.
  • Make sure you have enough hard drive (or ResearchDrive) space to hold the data.



Globus Collection Links: External Users, Internal Users
UWBC needs to share data with your primary Globus Identity.
Click here to find & manage your Globus Identities.

View our Globus tutorial for a step-by-step written or video guide to transfer your data.

Globus is the preferred method for transferring data. Find more information on how Globus is different than a standard download here.



UW-Madison PIs can sign up for ResearchDrive, a highly reliable storage system that provides 25 TB of free storage. We can deliver your data to ResearchDrive/RestrictedDrive storage, making it unnecessary for you to download it from our servers.

CAUTION: Do NOT rename or move the UWBC-dropbox folder. This will break the connection to UWBC.

Quick Links:

  1. Login to Manifest.(
  2. Find the tab “Groups I Administer
  3. Look for a group header like:  uw:app:researchdrive:pis:{NetID}
    There should be different levels of permissions.
    – Add lab members to the rdrive-{NetID}-lab group.
    – Add external collaborators to the rdrive-{NetID}-external group.
    – Give full control to lab managers with the rdrive-{NetID}-admin group.
  4. Click the red Add Member(s) button and add the person’s contact.

Support for setting up ResearchDrive and connecting it to UWBC is provided by DoIT. Please see the ResearchDrive support page for more information.

Once you have signed up DoIT will provision the storage and we will begin delivering data to your UWBC-dropbox folder. If a PI has BOTH ResearchDrive and RestrictedDrive we will deliver to the “regular” ResearchDrive unless otherwise requested. Data is delivered every night. If your data set is very large you may find that it’s delivered in stages over several days. After delivery we will check the integrity of the file transfer and then move the data on the UWBC storage to a SYNCED_* folder so that we won’t attempt to sync data again. We do this so that you can freely move the data to other storage or re-name files as you see fit.



SFTP is available to on-campus users only. You can login to using your NetID.

It is recommended that you use an SFTP client like WinSCP or Cyberduck to transfer files.