Core Facilities


BRC staff have biological, statistical, and programing experience to support the analysis of biological data. We use fast reproducible pipelines to shorten the time to discovery.

Animal Models

The Animal Models Core generates novel, highly relevant, genome edited or transgenic animal models (mice, rat, swine) and provides state-of-the-art reproductive biology services that enable animal model banking, recovery, and sharing.


Schoeller’s Isotope Ratio Mass Lab is a pioneering research facility dedicated to accurately measuring total energy expenditure using stable isotopes.

Next Gen Seq

The DNA Sequencing Facility provides high-quality short read and long read next-generation sequencing, genotyping, methylation, epigenomics, and metagenomics services.

Gene Expression

The Gene Expression Center provides a broad range of services including RNA extractions, bulk and single cell RNA library preparations, spatial transcriptomics and beadarray based genotyping and methylation services.


BioGarage is a unit of shared wet lab space that seeks to assist researchers by providing affordable access to laboratory space and walk-up instrumentation.

Genome Editing

The Advanced Genome Editing Lab’s expertise provides you with seamless access to the full toolkit of genome editing possibilities, including CRISPR screening and modeling.

Mass Spec

The Mass Spectrometry Core Facility has several mass spectrometers for the analysis of biomolecules, including proteins, peptides, oligonucleotides, oligosaccharides and other small organic and inorganic molecules.


BioTrek is the science outreach program of UWBC and of UW Madison – Division of Extension. BioTrek’s mission is to “Share Science With Wisconsin


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