The UW-Madison Biotechnology Center is currently open and following the university’s COVID-19 Response regarding campus operations.

Please follow this link to leave feedback or comment on our core facilities.

Our mailing address is:
University of Wisconsin Biotechnology Center
425 Henry Mall
Madison, WI 53706

Phone: 608-262-8606

Please follow this link for information on the Biotechnology Training Program;
The MS in Biotechnology Program is here.

To contact UWBC staff check the University of Wisconsin-Madison People Search.

For information or comments about content on the www.biotech.wisc.edu server only please contact:

Please don’t send requests for information on graduate programs, employment opportunities, etc., to this address. We don’t have that information and such requests will not be answered.


The Vision Statement for UWBC, adopted at a center-wide retreat on 6/94, is:

“UWBC is Wisconsin’s catalyst to advance biotechnology research, education and industry for the benefit of society and the environment.”

The Mission, as refined during the UWBC’s Strategic Planning process in 1991, is:

“The mission of the UW Biotechnology Center is to maximize the benefits of biotechnology to the University of Wisconsin-Madison, University of Wisconsin System, state and nation by being an excellent quality, comprehensive, multidisciplinary biotechnology center that supports, coordinates, disseminates and advances biotechnology.”

The Goals, as refined and prioritized during the Strategic Planning process, are:

  1. To develop and provide excellent research tools and capabilities through our resource facilities.
  2. To provide the organization and environment necessary to accomplish UWBC mission and goals.
  3. To catalyze the formation of and participate in cross-disciplinary research programs campus-wide and with industry that use campus research strengths and facilities to solve practical problems of state and national importance.
  4. To secure funds for and aid campus units and others in obtaining support for biotechnology service, research, education, and training.
  5. To increase public awareness and understanding of biotechnology and its impacts.
  6. To inform the public about the resources, programs, and activities of UWBC and the university biotechnology community.
  7. To coordinate and participate in training activities for students and visiting scientists in biotechnology.
  8. To become a resource center for biotechnology information and education.
  9. To facilitate the process by which new research results are transferred to companies to stimulate economic development.
  10. To gain a broader perspective of biotechnology-related issues by stimulating interaction among the biotechnology disciplines.
  11. To work with Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation to increase UW patenting and licensing activities.
  12. To provide expertise for the formulation and evaluation of public policy!

Parking at the University of Wisconsin-Madison without planning ahead will likely dampen your visit here. To help alleviate this we have provided information on several campus parking lots that are near the UWBC. If you need information on how to reach the Center directly, see our Driving Directions page. Or see our location on Google maps here.

LOT 20

  • Parking ramp attached to our building.
  • Located on University Avenue between MSC (old hospital) and the UWBC building. [Google Maps]
  • Permit required between the hours of 7:00 a.m. – 12:30 a.m. M-F.
  • Weekday parking may be available without prior permit purchase, but lot is often full.
  • You can see current visitor parking availability here.

LOT 17

LOT 40

  • Located on the agriculture campus behind Babcock Hall and the Stock Pavillion. [Google Maps]
  • Permit required between the hours of 7 AM – 4:30 PM M-F, after restricted hours no permit needed.


Transportation Services Office
124 Warf Building
(608) 263-6666

The Center provides AV support for events in the UWBC auditorium and room 1360, 9 AM to 5 PM Monday through Friday. Please note the following:

  • The only assistance available for users who do not contract for support is instruction in basic use of our equipment and help in connecting your equipment to ours. If additional assistance is required you will be charged. AV assistance is usually available in room 1226D of the Biotechnology Center during normal business hours.
  • We DO NOT have dedicated AV staff – we have one person who has other tasks that may take precedence. Staffing for events is on a best-effort basis. We DO NOT guarantee that your event will be staffed or that technical support will be available (though it usually is). If this is critical bring your own support staff.
  • UWBC does not have staffing to support after hours events. However, we will be happy to give you training on the equipment during normal business hours without charge. Fees for AV support are currently $50/hour for UW departments and $75/hour for outside groups. There is a minimum one hour charge for support.
  • Attempts to modify the auditorium or any equipment contained in it are prohibited. Any changes including, but not limited to the following will result in a substantial charge: attempting to move the overhead lights; attempting to move or reconfigure the podium; attempting to reconfigure any wiring.

If you bring your own computer you should know how to use it with a projector. To use our computers you should bring a PowerPoint presentation on a USB Flash Drive or CD-ROM, not a floppy or zip disk.


FOOD AND DRINK ARE NOT ALLOWED IN THE AUDITORIUM. If you are providing them for your event please keep that in mind. Food is allowed in the Atrium outside the auditorium (which must be reserved separately). If you violate the rule and provide food for your event you will be charged for any cleaning costs incurred.

VIDEO STREAMING AND RECORDING (currently by appointment only)

There was and hope to be in the near future a system in place that will automatically generates live video streams and records audio and video of lectures in the auditorium for the UWBC Auditorium Webcam Page. Every lecture is streamed and recorded by default – there is a setting in the UWBC event calendar to disable this for specific events. However, lectures are only processed for the web site on request as there is some labor involved. Lectures stored on the site will be there permanently. Lectures that are not processed for the site will be discarded after several weeks. Contact webmaster@biotech.wisc.edu to have an already streamed lecture added to the site. There may be a charge for very long lectures or series of lectures.

Event organizers need to make sure that speakers use the wireless microphone for events that are streamed. The audio quality will suffer otherwise.

The camera position and room lighting are fixed. We will not change them for specific events.


The podium has a touch panel with controls for room lighting and other equipment and connections for a laptop computer (network connection and video projector), via HDMI or VGA connection. A wireless microphone and laser pointer are available.

Multimedia Projector
This is controlled from the touch panel on the podium. Presenters can bring their own laptop computer or use the computer built into the podium (see below).
Mac Mini (intel)
There is a computer built into the podium that can be used for Powerpoint presentations. It has PowerPoint installed, which will also open presentations from PowerPoint created on a PC. Your presentation should be brought in on a USB Flash Drive or a CD-ROM. This machine has no floppy or zip drive. It does have an Internet connection. This computer can run Mac OS, or Windows 10 by holding down the Option key and rebooting.
DVD/CD Player
This is also built into the podium.

ROOM 1360

A multimedia projector is permanently installed in the room. No special arrangements need to be made for its use.


The Center has laptop computers for loan only for presentations in the Biotechnology Center. They have PowerPoint installed and can boot into Mac OS or Windows. Your presentation should be brought in on a USB Flash Drive or a CD-ROM, not a floppy or zip disk.

UWBC laptop computers are not available after hours to groups not affiliated with the Biotechnology Center.

Presenters may also use their own laptops with the Center’s multimedia projectors. Any Mac or PC laptop with a standard VGA connector should work. New macs may require a video adapter. If you have forgotten yours we may be able to provide a loaner.


  • Please check the reservation calendar for the room you would like to reserve before filling in the reservation form (please check the steps for connecting the reservation calendar here)
  • Submit a reservation form