10X Genomics Platform Available For Single Cell Experiments

The UWBC Gene Expression Center is here to facilitate your single cell/single nucleus RNA-seq and ATAC-seq projects. Together with the DNA Sequencing facility and the Bioinformatics Resource Core, we offer free consultation and fee-for-service support for library preparation, sequencing, and bioinformatics for the 10X Genomics Chromium platform. The 10X Genomics product line supports a range of experimental aims for live cells including standard whole-transcriptome gene expression; cell surface protein detection; and TCR/BCR V(D)J sequencing. In addition, both 10X Genomics Gene Expression Flex and the Parse Evercode platform are available for single cell experiments using formaldehyde-fixed cells, perfect for researchers working on long time course studies who are looking to ensure that they have excellent samples at all major time points before proceeding.

For UW-Madison researchers who would like to run their own single cell experiments or whose sample availability is unpredictable and may fall outside typical business hours, the GEC also maintains an Invitrogen Countess 3 FL fluorescence-capable automated cell counter and a 10X Genomics Chromium Controller instrument in the UWBC BioGarage space. We are happy to provide training on both instruments upon request.