UWBC is Launching Two New DNA Sequencing Services

High throughput plasmid sequencing and assembly is being performed on the Oxford Nanopore (ONT) and Illumina platforms. Starting with your purified plasmids, we will generate long reads and deliver high quality assemblies. The ability to circularize the sequencing reads is dependent on the quality and quantity of the input DNA. We are offering this on both the ONT and Illumina platforms as they offer different advantages. ONT sequencing data provides better unambiguous assembly across repeat and other elements whereas Illumina data provides better per base accuracy.
We are offering Pacific Biosciences Sequel II sequencing as a substitute for Sanger-based sequencing. This provides many advantages including: (1) higher average-quality reads, typically Q50+; (2) exact sequence composition of individual molecules rather than a per-sample average consensus; (3) direct allelic identification and (4) a replacement technology at a similar price without the need to modify existing PCR workflows. We can sequence amplicons up to 8kb in length with multiple amplicons sequenced from a single sample. Little effort is needed on the part of the researcher. Simply amplify your fragments and deliver the PCR product to the UWBC. Clean sequence information can be obtained even if multiple bands are generated by the PCR reaction.
Contact the UWBC DNA Sequencing core for for more information.