Big Data Requires A Big Change

Modern datasets are larger than ever, and UWBC is producing more data than ever before. As a result, we need to adapt how we manage and deliver data. Most clients use our HTTPS web portal to login and download their data. Unfortunately, this method just isn’t up to the task of transferring large data files. Therefore, we are retiring our HTTPS web portal on June 30th to improve security and reliability. We recommend all our clients become familiar with our new transfer interface called Globus.

Globus is a web interface used to transfer data between two locally-installed endpoints. UWBC and many other data centers have Globus endpoints, so moving data no longer requires you to download the data to your local machine if the destination is a computer cluster in another datacenter. If your data is not destined for a datacenter supporting Globus transfer, you can install a local personal-endpoint and use Globus to initiate a transfer to your local computer. Globus is robust and will resume transferring data if your computer restarts or you lose internet connection. Globus is also more secure than our previous web portal and has been approved by campus cyber security for use with restricted data. We know this is a big change. We welcome you to the age of big data.

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